Belgian Beer Cafe, Kingston: Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Menu ($40 - half price mussel Tuesday)

2x soft drinks
1kg pot of mussels: Provencale - cooked with a tomato sauce for E
1kg pot of mussels: Bacon - cooked in a cream sauce for L
Bowl of fries with mayonnaise

E - 2/5

On two occasions I have had the pleasure of enjoying my housemates’ home-cooked mussels served with a chili tomato sauce. The mussels were petit but were bursting with flavour. The sauce was perfect for dunking buttered bread, and I devoured the juice as if it was a hot, wholesome bowl of soup. The ‘famous’ mussels at the Belgian Beer Cafe were unfortunately the complete opposite to my pervious experiences.

It was as if the mussels had been pulled out of the ocean and thrown straight into a pot of luke-warm water containing pieces of onion, celery and tomato. The taste of sea life out-weighed the taste of the…well…the flavorless tomato sauce! Thank god for the side of fries and mayonnaise because I could not finish the mussels.

I will not let this experience taint my view of Belgian Beer Cafe as there are plenty of other dishes I am excited to try, such as the pork belly with a side of sauerkraut. The atmosphere was cosy and the staff were attentive and friendly. I count down the days until we return to adventure into the world of exotic beers at the Belgian Beer Cafe!

L - 1/5

I have fond memories from my childhood days of being taken to Batemans Bay for the day. I played in the sand and splashed around in the water. All seems fun doesn’t it? Well it was and it wasn’t – see the what they don’t tell you is that you’re going to get so frustrated with the sand that it drives you crazy. Sand goes everywhere and eventually you’re begging so bad for a shower you don’t even care about the sandcastle. As for the wonderful water …. well let me tell you!  The beautiful ocean water looks great, but when you get dunked by a wave and the salty sea water burns your nostrils and eyes making it impossible to even notice if you’re simply drowning or just washing about you start to wonder what it’s all about.

So what does this have to do with the Belgian Beer Café? Firstly, it is a wonderful place. They offer so many different beers and the menu looks lip smacking. E and I went for the Tuesday half price 1KG mussel pots. We decided we would share, so I ordered the Bacon & Cream mussels. Now I feel that I need to disclose that I haven’t truly experienced mussels a great deal, but when I have they have been rather tasty… what I was not prepared for was the taste of these mussels. There was simply no flavour, I really wanted to love them, I really wanted this to work out but it simply just did not.

Both mine and E’s mussels were tasteless. The accompaniment of  hot chips with mayo was very welcome, and extremely tasty, however, hot chips is not a dinner made fine.

I left feeling disappointed & despondent about the evening.

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