Dickson Dumpling House: Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Menu ($36.70)

Entree platter consisting of 1 spring roll, 1 dumpling and 1 piece of prawn toast
3 steamed BBQ pork dumplings
10 mini fried chicken dumplings
Chinese broccoli in oyster sauce

E - 2/5

I was disappointed with the Dickson Dumpling House as I have only heard great stories. To start, the entree platter was nice - hot and tastey.

The BBQ pork dumplings looked delicious and as a personal favourite, I was excited to sink my teeth in, but as I bit into the flavourless dough, the taste of the sweet mush of pork was far too strong for my taste buds.

The chicken dumplings had an odd flavour that I couldn’t quite put my finger on and for the first time, I couldn’t finish my meal. The whole experience was really quite odd.

L - 2.5/5

My first venture into the world of dumplings was… how should I put it, disappointing to say the least. Whilst the evening started with attentive wait staff, it quickly turned into a flurry of confusion and rush. Our entree was hot and fresh, the spring roll had a great combination of Asian flavours, the prawn toast was crunchy to perfection and somewhat lip smacking, with great morsels of prawns and then there was the dumpling which had an overwhelming taste of pork and cabbage (not to my tasting).

The Chicken fried dumplings were a little bit delightful, crispy and juicy, with only one problem, a thick, gluggy, chewy pastry encasing the yummy ingredients inside. This followed by the BBQ steamed pork buns. I was disappointed. To be fair, this was my first try but, I had been told so many wonderful things about them, that when I sunk my teeth into the bun, my tastebuds met an untimely death. Similar to a mouthful of sugar, the bun took on a confectionary life of its own. Disappointing and sickening.

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